Young people, staff and volunteers all play an active part in KEY

Volunteering Volunteers are crucial to KEY’s work – without them we would not be able to run many of our services. KEY is currently building up a bank of volunteers that we can call on to help us with our work. We can offer a range of volunteering opportunities from helping with office admin, social media, fundraising, policy, marketing, odd job repairs, helping in the foodbank, to working directly with young people. To apply to be a volunteer with KEY – complete and return a Registration of volunteer interest v1. And we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Imagine having nowhere to live

What would you do? Where would you go for help? How would you survive? For some young people in South Tyneside, homelessness can become a frightening reality.

It’s at times like this, when a young person is at a crisis point in their lives, that KEY is there for them. We can provide the accommodation, support and advice that is so crucial in times of crisis.

Andrew’s story

Andrew’s story is typical of the young people KEY helps and supports.

Andrew was only 17 when he became homeless after the death of his mother and a breakdown in relations with his step-dad. Initially he stayed at the homes of various friends. He then stayed at a wet hostel but felt intimidated by other residents with alcohol problems.

Andrew was then referred to KEY and he stayed for several months at one of our shared houses. KEY supported Andrew to access bereavement counseling to deal with his mother’s death. We helped him with his budgeting skills and to get benefits. He also completed training courses at South Tyneside College. Eventually Andrew moved on to live independently in his own flat. He then began to rebuild his relationship with his step-dad.

“Life is getting better now, I’m back on track.” Andrew